Warren Publishing's Creepy and other non-Comics Code comics online!
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In the introduction [of Batman: Black & White] the editor mentions that the premise of the book came about because he had a discussion with other members of the comic world and they were debating which one comic run you'd want with you if you were stuck on a desert island. The consensus was Creepy the classic Warren Magazine because of all the incredible artists who contributed to it.
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...and there goes my productivity for the next month.

So thanks?
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Aside from Creepy, check out Blazing Combat which continued concepts that Harvey Kurtzman first introduced in EC war comics. Some of the same artists worked for both Kurtzman and Warren.
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Creepy issues on Archive.org - it's a search, sorted by date added to Archive.org, as there doesn't seem to be any other way of displaying the chronology of issues, or even a handy category of Creepy, like there is for Vampirella, but that search digs up 147 issues (search result number 148 is Blazing Combat issue 1, which includes the editorial from Creepy #35 copied into a review for BC).
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I just felt a disturbance in The Force...like hundreds of hours screaming out to me at once...
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Amazing. I probably have a quarter of this run at my parents' house, sitting in boxes. My parents let me as a preteen buy a collection from a guy in the early '90s for $85 that had several hundred comics from 1975 to 1978 - a mix of Marvel and DC stuff, and then a stack of Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella. (This was during the speculative bubble when comic book prices seemed to have no ceiling.) At that age I liked Creepy more because it occasionally showed tits, but it was an awesome series when I actually read it for the comics.
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Is there any information regarding thw hows and whys of this getting added to the IA? I'm not a copyright absolutist guy, but far as I know, this stuff isn't open domain, and in some cases, is currently being reprinted. Just curious about the backstory here.
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The Spirit!

Thanks for this. I am downloading away before someone changes their mind.
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Pity Batman: Black & White is a piece of shit, like literally every single other thing DC has been disgorging for the past 3 years, including the latest batch of Vertigo excreta.

Also, why is there a Norm Breyfogle forum on this...rather interesting-looking Adelaide comic books website? Does he live in Australia now? Since when was he doing a Batman comic after the 90s, which apparently he was? And why was he kicked off the team? Why would you ever want anybody other than Norm Breyfogle drawing a Batman comic book? How come DC is still even in business? And if Norm lives in Adelaide, which I don't know why anybody would, why doesn't he live in Brisbane where I can take my pile of around a hundred Batman and Detective issues for him to sign, and then get him to draw me as Batman, and then sign that too? I am turning 35, can I expect this level of confusion and worry to grow worse as I age? What the fuck?
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eee! Fellow Kurtzman Nerds Rejoice! They've got an issue of HELP! Hopefully more to come!
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They also have some random issues of Famous Monsters of Filmland in there for the Uncle Forry fans.
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AL Williamson was a god.
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I thank you for finding the collection I've put online on the Internet Archive, and apologize it's not as findable and usable as it could be. I have many more to put up, and will be working on tools to make a given collection much easier to navigate.
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How does this work? Is this stuff public domain already?
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The Rook! They've got the Rook! I've been waiting for Dark Horse or someone to do a collection of those!
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Wow. Guess I could dig my stash out of the closet, but this is way easier. The art was always pretty high quality in the Warren books, I assume because they paid better? Or used artists from the Philippines, South America & other low-cost areas. 'Course now that it's online for free, ain't nobody getting paid.
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