They should have sent a poet
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The World Outside My Window - Time Lapse of Earth from the ISS (SLYT, make sure to play it in the highest resolution you can)
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You might want to pop a Gravol first.
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Favourited just for the post title :)
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Yay ISS! Gonna miss you when you're gone.
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Lemme go get my old Floyd cd's
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Sublime images. But what do we do about the damn music?
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NASA TV used to broadcast hours of video of the Earth from a camera on whatever shuttle was in orbit.

It was as dull as it sounds, and also as incredible.
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But definitely not TWO poets
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Someone set ~13 minutes of ISS footage to Burial's Rough Sleeper. Perhaps the best music video since the original for dayvan cowboy.
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Kubrick seems to have been quite prescient with the closing sequences in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
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The comet showing up was like really great icing on a really great cake that ALREADY had delicious icing.

Why are we still mostly stuck here on the surface. We were supposed to be living out there by now, dammit.
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I am seething with jealous rage.
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All I can think of is we've only got 45 minutes until the debris field comes around again.
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We need a spacecoaster. These low-orbit photos need some more expanse. I mean, it's not like Earth is some big infinite thing. It's small and delicate. Show that, when you show that it is the most impossibly wonderful thing in the entire universe. (for so it must be, from a human perspective! For awhile, at least)

It is a thing. Unitary and finite. And desperately precious.
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(pardon me for interrupting myself)
Spacecoaster: framework/containers in elliptical orbit so you can hop-on/hop-off from low-orbit (ISS) up, maybe beyond geosync orbit. I think I just thought of this, but it seems unlikely I did not read about it in a book somewhere.
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