Rule Six: The winning team shall be the first team that wins.
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Do you love to play a well crafted video game, and are also interested in learning more about The Ashes? Then this video commentary is not for you. (SLYT, blue language)
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I'm surprised he was able to get to play that well. The video at The Cricket Country is absolute chaos!
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Rule 7: Game coders need to watch out for race conditions, though collision detection is apparently optional (via The Daily WTF)
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flabdablet, that is hilarious. I'm in tears here.
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flabdablet: "Rule 7: Game coders need to watch out for race conditions, though collision detection is apparently optional (via The Daily WTF)"

That is too damn funny!
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This is as good a time as any to point out that the upcoming Don Bradman Cricket 14 looks like the cricket video game that Ashes Cricket should have been.
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Every time I've looked up the rules to Cricket, they fall out of my brain immediately.
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It's actually a fairly straightforward game, though proper cricket (as opposed to the short-attention-span nonsense the kids all play these days) does have one feature that makes its scoring system interesting: the team that scores the most runs doesn't always win.

If the second team in to bat manages to avoid having ten of its eleven players dismissed before the game runs out of time, it's a draw regardless of the number of runs scored. That means that the captain of the first team in to bat has to make a judgement call about the strength of the other team, and may elect to declare before his own team has been dismissed.

Declaring early increases the other team's chance of exceeding your own team's score, but it might also make the difference between your being able to dismiss them all before they do that (which is a win) and their being able to last until time runs out (which is a draw).

That's really the only rule you need to know beforehand to understand a cricket match; the rest are essentially administrivia.
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Giant Bomb's Quick Look of the game is two American dudes who know next to nothing about cricket being helped by an Irish guy who knows a little but not too much cricket playing an incredibly broken cricket game and wondering half the time if they're misremembering the rules of cricket or the game's just broken.

It's glorious.
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So they made a video game of this, then?
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Bro Team Pill did something sort of similar with Cricket Revolution, although it's worth mentioning that this was his April Fool's video for 2012 and his other videos are less, uh, restrained.
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In addition to flabdablet, I've found that exploring the idea that the batting team is defending and the fielding team is attacking helps baseball enthusiasts sometimes.
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If baseball is your starting point, consider the batsman's crease as equivalent to home base, the crease at the bowler's end as equivalent to first base, and delete second and third bases. Replace the three-strikes rule with those that apply to the wicket. A catch is still a catch. No Ball and Wide are essentially foul ball variants. If the ball flies off the bat and over the boundary without touching the ground, that's worth 6 runs. If it reaches the boundary before being touched by a fielder, that's worth 4 runs. Replace three-out-all-out with ten-out-all-out and you've covered most of it.
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That's basically exactly how I explain cricket to baseball fans.
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