Games people (can) play (by themselves)
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Lonely? Bored? Well, the 2013 Solitaire Print and Play Contest is here to help you stave off boredom this weekend (and burn through all of your printer ink). This year's winner is Maquis, a "solitaire worker-placement game with variable goals and a play time of approximately twenty minutes. The player places his resistance agents on spaces around town to achieve his goals - blowing up trains, publishing underground newspapers - but at the same time Milice collaborators and Wehrmacht soldiers patrol the area."

New to print-and-play? Board Game Geek has a good primer. Here's a good list of games, ranked by enthusiastic players. And here's a previously from several years ago with a bunch more resources.
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My MeFi "Post of the Weekend!" pick right here. This is the first one I want to try.
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"This game stole IP`s from as many sources as possible to bring you THE ultimate grudge match."

Well, I'm sold!
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Quite a few years ago I bought some small wooden tiles and sticker paper at a craft store and made myself a copy of micropul, the second one on the "good list of games" link. We played that one quite a bit for a while.
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About ten years ago, I printed off Star Smuggler, the solo Heritage (aka Dwarfstar) microgame of space trading. Nice color counters, map, everything. But I have never yet played it; neither do I use many of my other solo boardgames I own. A combination of having enough social gaming, and having a vast array of games available on my computer, and not having enough table space to play solo boardgames.

But that's just me! It's great to see all these games available, and I've also been tempted by Pocket Civ for many years.
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I tend to get about 3/4 of the way through building a game and then not quite finishing it. Sadly, this is my approach to most projects, and yet I am so in love with the whole idea of nice, smart, free games such as these.
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