Detainee on board
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The Rendition Project is the most recent and the most thorough attempt to render visible the extraordinary scope of the global system of detention sites, linked by the covert transfer of detainees across national borders (via Geographical Imaginations which discusses the project in the context of earlier visualizations). The Project includes first-hand accounts, a timeline, and the Rendition Flights Database and interactive map (the world's largest compilation of public flight data relating to the rendition program).

The Rendition Project is part of the Global Uncertainties program.
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If we're the good guys, who are the bad guys?
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Very shameful
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I'm afraid the "bad guys" to our "good guys" are all fictional.
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You guys are so cynical. The "bad guys" are obviously the "evil doers."
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Very shameful

Especially since most democrats haven't taken their party to task for letting renditions continue. I don't know how many more decades the two parties can keep playing the American people off each other...playing them for fools....but there doesn't seem to be any end in sight.
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