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The Wikidrummer How the sound of a drum kit changes depending on where you play it. (slyt)
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Hear the drummer get wiki! That was fun but I'm surprised at the amount of reverb he was getting outside (not under the underpass). Having played an unmiked kit outdoors it's always been a good but much deader sound.
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This is good - but I'm willing to bet that the reverbs are all software based, "aligned" to the physical spaces in the video.
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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, gorbichov.
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gorbichov - the note beneath the video does say "no artificial reverb added".

Either way, I love the style of keeping the drummer constant and changing the location.
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This video shows some behind the scenes stuff.
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I am having a hard time believing that got a solid kick drum like that with a shotgun microphone. It sounds pretty close-miked to me. Can anyone smarter than me explain this? I don't see any close-miking and the making-of video seems to show only an incident pair and a shotgun.
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Maybe not artificial reverb, definitely some dynamics processing.
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ok ok, i stand corrected and chastened! :)
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Super cool.
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Just a pair of really good mics can produce some really fantastic recordings - lots of classical recordings that have won Grammys for "Best Engineered" have been essentially done with 2 mics. So I find it plausible that the stereo pair of mics can get that solid kick sound.

But I also agree with Foosnark that while there may be no artificial reverb, there's absolutely some dynamics processing going on (for example, when he's in a field with that highway or rail line way off behind him, there's no way those distinct slap echoes would be so prominent in the sound without some compression or limiting), and just on principle there's almost certainly some equalization happening.

Still a very cool video, and I wish I spoke French or that Google translate worked better so I could do more poking around the website.
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They're only using the "live" video recording for the reverb, it's mixed with a studio take, hence the punchy kick drum. So the reverb is real, and it's probably heavily compressed in the final mix.
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