Are you ready, boots?
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12 Shoes for 12 Lovers [NSFW] is a creative collection of sculptural footwear by New York-based Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz that is inspired by his past personal relationships. [SFW alternate link]
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I really like the shoes, but the short description texts are kind of dickish and male fantasy like.
posted by Joakim Ziegler at 11:52 PM on December 7, 2013 [27 favorites]

I strongly agree, but thought it inappropriate to post the pictures without the "back story".
posted by sacrifix at 12:06 AM on December 8, 2013

I agree that those are some really cool designs, but I don't really believe for one minute that either the photos are of the actual people, nor are the 'lovers' actually real. Cool concept though.
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Yeah, exactly, the descriptions are one step away from "Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me...", but nice shoes.
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To me, these skewer the love of foot breaking, terrible shoes.
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Revenge fantasy?
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88 shoes about 44 women . . .
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I don't find it at all unbelievable that someone in the fashion industry had short lived affairs with people who do professional modeling.

The stories have a romantic machismo (romantic as in coming from Rome).
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I'd like interviews of the 12 exes, if they even remember him.
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»Not looking to date anyone please do not insist.«

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I dunno. The design seems a bit... obvious?
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Some ugly (and chliched) stereotypes of women in there. The Ice Queen? The Boss? The Gold Digger? Bleh.
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I really liked Cry Baby a lot. Could do without most of the variations on a cliche for a heel.
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The stories were not so great, the shoes are interesting though. It's amazing what people will wedge their feet into in the name of gain.
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I like the design of "The Rock" a lot, and "Cry Baby" a little. The others go clunk. I'm curious about the designs that were finished then edited out.
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And by "gain" I meant fashion. Damn you, autocorrect!
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I'm conflicted.

First off, the shoes are far too obvious. Like the Jetsetter. "Guys, guys. Lets put an airplane on the shoe! Get it?! Cuz she travels a lot! In airplanes!" Not enough depth or personality.

I like the photos, if they are a bit tumblr-porny. Mostly because I'm pretty sure they're not of his actual lovers. And I can appreciate the desire to try to capture people and moments that you happen to share but sometimes the words are hard to come by and you end up latching onto cliches that make you sound like an asshole.

That said, I'm not sure I'd wanna sleep with the guy.

BUT OH MY WORD, I wish I was fab so I could wear around The Rock shoes all day every day with like a leather jacket and bangles.
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Are these actual physical objects or just 3d models in a computer?
posted by humanfont at 3:30 AM on December 9, 2013

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