Just vent your spleen, vent it now
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I have an extra spleen. Not kidding.
posted by charred husk at 7:44 AM on December 9, 2013 [3 favorites]

On second thought let's not go to Harvard Medical School. It is a silly place.
posted by vrakatar at 7:44 AM on December 9, 2013 [18 favorites]

For a disembodied organ, that spleen can really get down.
posted by The 10th Regiment of Foot at 8:09 AM on December 9, 2013 [1 favorite]

It's January. Shouldn't these kids be studying for their boards or something?
posted by honeybee413 at 8:16 AM on December 9, 2013

Damn it, MetaFilter, now I want a spleen costume!
posted by GenjiandProust at 8:51 AM on December 9, 2013

No boards until spring/summer. Mostly shelf exams this time of year.
posted by The White Hat at 10:01 AM on December 9, 2013

The White Hat, I know. Unless they're MS2s, and then they ought to be studying for Step 1.
posted by honeybee413 at 10:59 AM on December 9, 2013

They are MS2s. They'll sit for Step 1 sometime in February or March if their schedule is anything like ours here at U Chicago.
posted by ghostpony at 11:49 AM on December 9, 2013

Confession: The "What does the Fox say?" video and all of its parodies make me feel more old and more out-of-it than anything else I've seen online this past year. A feeling that's only worsened by the fact that my husband, who's actually older than I am, finds the whole enterprise hilarious.

I'm so confused and disoriented! Foxes don't say that! What's going on? Where am I? Why is everyone laughing?????

I should go post on my Livejournal about this.
posted by Narrative Priorities at 1:13 PM on December 9, 2013 [2 favorites]

The Spleen
posted by charlie don't surf at 7:24 PM on December 9, 2013

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