Margaret Mead's passion
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"Always I love you and realize what a desert life might have been without you." —Margaret Mead to anthropologist and folklorist Ruth Benedict, who remained her companion and arguably her soul-mate despite both women having husbands.
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I understand completely. Heartbreaking and beautiful.
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I too.
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May we all love and be loved as deeply as they loved each other.
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Probably just a phase.

(These letters are very touching)
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There's something so beautiful about the love between an anthropologist specializing in Pacific islands and an anthropologist specializing in the desert US Southwest.

It's like they were two separate landscapes, so complementary but so far apart.

That said I think I pretty much disagree with everything Benedict ever wrote, unless you view it heavily through the lens of "It Was The 40's, People Were Like That". I get that she was politically radical for her time, but oy, The Chrysanthemum And The Sword...
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Lovely, thank you.
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Nice letters, but I can't help thinking of why they kept themselves married to other people throughout.

Must have been incredibly rewarding to be either of their spouses. Why didn't they just do the Boston Marriage thing?
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Maybe they also loved their husbands in a different way? Maybe their husbands were fine with that?

Love and relationships are weird. I'm really uncomfortable putting feelings in dead men's hearts.
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Wow. The enduring quality of a love captured in letters.
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