The archipelago of militarized space
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The map of US military installations by artist Josh Begley uses the US military's list of bases (plus a few other sources) to provide satellite image maps of hundreds of military sites around the world. For similar efforts, see Radical Cartography and the always-amazing work of Trevor Paglen
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Well, we spend nearly 5% of our GDP on the military every year, and 50% of the federal discretionary budget - money that could do unimaginable things for scientific research, health and welfare, education, or infrastructure, but at least the world is a paradise of peaceful democratic nations free of strife or tyranny.

also gasoline is under $4/gal
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Heh. Apparently we aren't supposed to see Volkel Airbase.
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But I just realized that's a little derail-y, so let me say on the topic of the cool maps, that is a remarkable number of military bases. I wouldn't have guessed that we have that many.

I wonder whether or not I would guess that these were military installations if I was an alien surveying the Earth from space. They do look kind of forbiddingly geometrical.
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I should mention, as an addendum to my post, that many of these are vanishingly small installations, not large bases. For example, I saw one image of naval radio towers in Iceland and another of a small civil/military airfield in Alaska.

In some ways, though, these smaller sites are even more interesting than the big bases.
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Heh. Apparently we aren't supposed to see Volkel Airbase.

Google's source is the most obscured. Wikipedia's place page lists a number of sites using likely a common source which obscures less. The nukes, I'm guessing...
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Wow. I thought I had a pretty encyclopedic knowledge of US installations and there are a number of them I never heard of. In some cases the facilities listed are not technically military facilities. For instance, Pine Gap is not in any way a DoD facility. It might be Australian owned or it might be owned by some three letter agency, but it isn't a DoD site. Nonetheless, it is a pretty neat map.
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For instance, Pine Gap is not in any way a DoD facility.

It's part of the NSA (which is a DoD agency) and U.S. Air Force missile defense networks. It may not be exclusively DoD, but it's definitely a DoD facility.
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Lovely and impressive work. Maintaing the Imperium never looked so good.

But here's another missing one, and it's not secret. I've been to the front gate of the Barrow DEW Line station many times. There's a totem pole right there, which is totally incongruous in the Arctic, known as the most northerly totem pole in the world, although I didn't know its funny backstory until I just looked it up.

Anyway, it's obviously a mistaken omission since he's got the other LRSS sites along the Beaufort and Chukchi coasts marked just fine.
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I have to say, that I'm a bit disappointed. Based on the title, I was expecting orbiting laser satellites or secret moon bases to defend us against the alien menace. I mean, it's s am incredible impressive work as it is, but still. Not. Moonbases.

I guess I'll just go watch some old episodes of UFO.
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Wow that is impressive though!
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