An Evening with Private Eye
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An Evening with Private Eye. "Ian Hislop takes a satirical look back at the people and events of 2013 with special guests Craig Brown, Harry Enfield, Lewis Macleod, Jan Ravens and John Sessions. This is a recording of a live (National Theatre) Platform event from December 2013." [SLYT]
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Looking forward to watching this, thanks for posting!

I can't see John Sessions without thinking Milligan, Cleese, Everett. Sessions.
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Ian Hislop is a national treasure.
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Ian Hislop is the new Ian Hislop.
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I really like Private Eye magazine and buy it fairly often. There is a drawback though, its almost all "bad news". Even the jokes are normally poking fun at some failure or rotten practice. I enjoy reading the magazine and then the moment I put it down I start to feel ever so slightly bleak. And then over the next hour or two the bleakness grows until frankly I feel pretty depressed about the state of the country/world.

For me Private Eye is almost the embodiment of "ignorance is bliss". I feel I want to know the stuff they're reporting (even ought to know) but I'm not sure it does me any good.

I've even considered buying a subscription so they get my financial support but then only reading it when I feel mentally robust. Ha. But anyway, the is surly an endorsement of the reporting.. so few publications actually manage to affect the reader.
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Private Eye's continued existence is one of the very few things which makes me genuinely proud to be British. A country which allows that kind of satirical journalism to exist can't be all bad, even if if the flipside of a free press ends up being the Daily Mail.
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[derail] Private Eye's website, after years and years of being simply a 'Subscribe here' button, to all intents, etc, now appears to have some content.

But do subscribe. My wife passed away a few weeks ago and one of the final things I'll do is switch payments for Private Eye over to me. So... [gets onion out...]
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I love it and buy most issues but a subscription doesn't cut it for me. When it comes through the letterbox I never seem to have it with me on the bus, which is where I'v read most issues published in the last twenty years or more.
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much english. very satire. so funny. many hairloss.
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But vbfg, how can you threaten to cancel your subscription if you don't have one...?
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