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Much like its former publisher, the cover art for pornographic magazine SCREW could be described as “crude, rude, infantile, obnoxious, and dirty," as well as gross, misogynistic, and really NSFW. But it has also featured work from such terrific cartoonists as Tony Millionaire, Wally Wood, Spain Rodriguez, Renee French, and many others. Frequent contributor Danny Hellman presents SCREW: The Unofficial Cover Art Blog.
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Renee French is also known for creating the mascots Glenda the Plan 9 Bunny and the Go Gopher, as well as her children's literature.
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Wally Wood did several covers for SCREW as well as comics for the magazine NATIONAL SCREW. Only one of his covers shows up in the links. I did a cover for SCREW myself, in fact.
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Seems like Al is either dead or dying. Would an ASCII pene dripping one sad drop for the dot be inappropriate?
taters hard and soft eternal, ya' dirty old man.
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Oh my, from the Observer link: "an 11-foot statue of a raised middle finger"

I need that.
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Alvin Goldstein, 1936 - 2013
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