The 1901 UK Census in online
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The 1901 UK Census in online including the records of Tolkien, Florence Nightingale and Charlie Chaplin No Jedis in 1901 though. Non-PC descriptions include "imbecile", "lunatic" or plain "feeble-minded".
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"Due to very heavy demand, this site is temporarily unavailable. Please try later"

you think they would have learnt from the similar demand palced on the site. Something like this is always going to be popular - oh well never mind
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Those terms used to be standard psychology categories. (Some of them are still written into law.) I prefer to think of them -- at least, idiot, imbecile, moron -- with the original French pronunciations: eed-YOH, ann-bay-SEEL, moh-ROHNG ... :)
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...or at least a couple with Bugs Bunny pronunciations...what a maroon...what an imbessle....(accent on the middle syllable)
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This is cool, the transcription is much better than the Latter Day Saints over at, I await the other censuses with keen interest (most of the fun in a census is following people over time.

If you do ever make it to the Family Records Centre and you know an ancestor lived in London after 1840 take a look at the post office directory. With the advent of the Penny post everyone was listed. I've certainly found it very useful.
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