Photoshop can make you into an ideal image, for the holidays
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"Ad agencies go to disturbing lengths to create the perfect image. Guess we're no different." Victors&Spoils takes the "regular woman to ad-agency image" video (info) a (seasonal) step further.
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Related, somehow.
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Actually, the recent season finale for South Park is very related.
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santa baby
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Someone shoot me.

The problem I had with the original video was that I thought the woman was more attractive before they started turning her into plastic. So it just seemed like a shitty job at PS. Problem I have with turning her into Santa is it seems like this was more of an exercise in Illustrator. Also, I thought they were turning her into a sea lion at first.
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Arp! Arp!
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Not sure about a sea lion, but once they add the glasses there's a definite "Jerry Garcia, ca. 1985" vibe to the image. And 1985 was hardly Jerry's best year.
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