The only known case of braces interlocking during a kiss.
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Token Badly Drawn Boy video. That said, it ostensibly refers to two Mexican teenagers who got lip-locked in 1994. Probably a fiction, I guess.
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Pier Ave. Junior High School. 1962. Two of my school mates had to be separated from by the fire department after their braces locked whilst (I presume) kissing in the bleachers, at a dance in the gym.

I was there.

(Of course I had never kissed anyone up to that point, and it would still be years before I did, so the main feeling I had was jealousy.)
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This has "Ig Nobel winner" written all over it.
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Yeah, that might be the only recorded case of an actual orthodontist having to intervene. I'd imagine that the rare times this happened a non-professional stepped up and separated the kissers before needing medical intervention.
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Braces back in the day (early 1980s for me) were a big deal because in my lower middle-class neighborhood they were a material sign of both class aspiration and achievement.

Cosmetic orthodontia was still fairly unusual and public figures with braces like Anthony Michael Hall served as a kind of screen on which Americans projected middle-class values, and not just for the white suburban Midwest but even for Central Coast California whose racial composition was the ethnic inverse of what John Hughes showed us in Sixteen Candles.

And we all secretly believed those stories that if the nerdy kids with braces (they were always nerdy and booksmart, weren't they?) kissed they'd be locked for good!

I'm thrilled to my formerly braces-bearing core it turned out to be true and I will forever lament not having the courage to kiss my soulmate braceface, TK.
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I'm surprised that this isn't a TV Trope; it seems like I've seen it in several sitcoms over the years.

Now the prosthodontists need to look into fillings acting as radio receivers.
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