Do you love robots, and christmas music? You're in luck!
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The Festive Funk Machine is a fun little Incredibox-esque christmas music making website.

Made by '', who make lots of photo/minicard things that would have made great goofy little Christmas presents if you'd placed the order weeks ago.
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Whoa-whoa-oh, it's Christmastime.

This is wonderful. I got my business cards from Moo, they're pretty killer.
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That's unreasonably fun. It's hard to go wrong if you a) have a sense of when to add and remove instruments/singers and b) learn to click on them right before you need them on or off.

I just had a lot of fun starting with the drums, then adding the other drums, the bass, the singer, then adding in more instruments for texture, doing the bass solo, bringing in the choir, then taking things back out to end with the choir and the piano and the drums, and then just the drums. It sounded really good.
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I liked this more than I expected to! Except the choir. A bit treacly, the choir.
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Robot bass player with a mullet is made entirely of win.
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Sleigh Bell Robot just gives me indescribable joy. So happy of myself.
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It's been really fun to play with off an on all day. I was suprised it worked on the iPhone too.

I felt like this was a weak front page post... but I'm glad ya'll enjoyed it.
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It was old school. Something interesting on the Web.
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