Anybody have what used to be here ( in cache or anything?
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Anybody have what used to be here ( in cache or anything? I ask because I am fascinated by the intense reactions that blogging evokes in some people, and so I really want to read what Mr. had to say. Especially since he seems like a decent writer when he explains why he took the anti-blog piece down.
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Yeah I saw that yesterday and was wondering the same thing. He mentions, so I flipped through that to get some idea of what Jason might have said about it, but I couldn't find any mention for some reason. But if you read his little explanation, he says what he doesn't like about blogs.
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I'd be curious to read the original. I could certainly relate to the swansong. Don't feel exactly the same way, but sometimes I wonder why I am so obsessed with what is besically meaningless ephemera.
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"I wonder why I am so obsessed with what is besically meaningless ephemera."

I think, because it is not meaningless. We are putting hay and mud together to make bricks. Someday those bricks will be used to build the pyramids.

So if you're obsessed with the brickmaking, it's part of a larger historical scheme.

If you're obsessed with who makes better bricks, that is meaningless.

I didn't see the original. I agree that the man is a good writer. I feel sorry for him, because he appears to be going through a crisis - but happy for him if he has found the right answer for himself. I also wonder what he could possibly have said to piss off somebody as nice as Derek.

Then I start imagining what he might have said. And then I wonder "why I am obsessed with ... meaningless ephemera."

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Scott is a good writer. He's been around for quite awhile, although (like many of us ; note: narcisitic plug) on the periphery of the main scopes of 'personal webpaging' scene that was somewhat 'defined' in some respects by Lance, Alex, Derek, and Maggie, and also maura - we can't forget about maura...

Zeldman makes two points;

It's (or was) about the brickmaking, and spins off a larger, 3-4 or 5 year old, constant argument many of us have been having over 'the state of the web' or 'where is the medium going' or where the next big thing is, the purpose, the thing that defines and makes this domain something other than a repository for things that used to sit in the back, back, back drawers of filing cabinets, or in boxes in attics, or simply was used as kindling for fireplaces, or filler for trash heaps.

Second, Zeldman.. what's with this 'I feel sorry for him.'? I suppose I understand you're just saying that from a removed, detatched position, but the air of pity that seeps from that comment is insulting. Just because he dumps the web doesn't mean he's having a crisis.. you of all people should understand the difference between knowing someone from some website post and knowing someone for real.

And as for Derek. Yes, I've been assurred he's quite a nice guy. Friendly, jovial, and very nice all around. And I believe it. He seems to be very earnest, open, and empathetic.

However, I also think he can tend to take things a bit personally and can be easy to tic off if you hit a pet peeve or project of his on the nose and don't agree with him.

As it is, he's never liked me ever since I misspelled powazek.

In other news Scott's looking for a copy of the post. In a fit, he deleted it. He might give it to me to put up on inferiority for anyone interested in reading it.

Me, I never saw it. I was on vacation last week.
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Well, I READ IT and I for one thing happen to agree with a lot of what Scott had to say. Feel free to ask me what it was about or better yet ask Scott. No one, and I mean no one has the right to judge something that they have not read.

As for Derek, I don't know him and I can't judge him personally. But if it were me who were to become upset, insulted or outraged from what Scott had to say? I would have to think and admit to myself that perhaps Scott hit a personal chord and made me realize something about myself or my surroundings.

But hey, that's just one girl's opinion. And wouldn't it suck if we all wore the style jeans everyday and all shopped for them in same place and took the same road to get there? Man, how boring would that be?
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