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Christmas Control to Thunderbird 3

Thunderbirds 2x06 - Give or Take a Million (Final Episode).

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Filmed in VideoColor + Supermarionation
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My first exposure to Thunderbirds was the anime series Scientific Rescue Team Techno Voyager, or as it was known in its English dub, Thunderbirds 2086.

While the original Japanese series was merely a spiritual successor, and not an official extension of the franchise, Thunderbirds producer ITC Entertainment handled the English dub and went so far as to add music and sound effects from several of their previous shows.
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That was not a thing that made me happy when it appeared on my radar, oh no. Supermarionation or nuthin'.
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I was 3 or 4 years old. I didn't know any better.
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I was 10 or so and very serious about it.
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This is the greatest thing to wake up to on Christmas morning this year.
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NICKY: I wish I could see all the Thunderbirds launched.
How exactly did Nicky expect to see Thunderbird 5 launched?

(Thunderbirds was my everything as a child. I loved that there was a rescue vehicle in its numbered pod for every occasion, just waiting to be deployed by Thunderbird 2. And the launch sequences! The launch sequences! 7-year-old me couldn't get enough of rotating panels and pools sliding away and palm trees falling down.)
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I confessed I shivered when I heard "Now, you must call me Santa."
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I thought this was going to be about email, but it is actually much cooler..
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As a dopey kid watching this show, I was taken in by the special effects, but if you think about it, "Thunderbirds" is all about an extreme, sickeningly cavalier use of fossil resources that would make the CEO of Standard Oil blush. The energy required to drive the hydraulics so that Virgil et. al. can be transported to their planes without leaving their couches alone is crazily excessive. Then you have the five Thunderbirds. Thunderbird One is for reconnaissance; its job is to transport the team leader to the scene to coordinate. From that point on, he's a traffic cop, he doesn't participate in the actual rescue. Yet this ship is driven by rocket (rather than jet) technology (and fuel) to send its single, smug occupant from point a to point b. Thunderbird Five is a communications satellite; for some reason, they can't rely on an unmanned satellite and must send up an astronaut periodically--using, again, a rocket-fueled spacecraft--to cycle in a new teammate every month or so. The other crafts--with the sole exception, say, of the submarine and hole-digging mole--are extreme fuel-guzzlers.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone parodied the fuck out of this show in "Team America: World Police," and when you think about the excesses, well, it's an easy target.
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also, the noise
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I assumed that there Thunderbirds were atomic powered. It was the 60s, and well, the aerodynamics of the Thunderbirds were really weird for anything using conventional fuel.
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