I shiver when I see the falling snow
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Man, this is nice! Thanks for putting it together.
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Dead by Christmas - Hanoi Rocks
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I personally prefer this live performance and have been posting it everywhere lately:

Merle Haggard and the Strangers, Live 1978: If We Make It Through December

It surprises me that I like this song so much, because I can't stand country music and especially Merle Haggard. But I recently saw this song posted on a political blog, which asserted it was an anthem of the 1973 recession. I approve. That was the recession that shaped my era, and created the misery we rebelled against as punk rockers. A couple of weeks ago, I had to restrain myself from singing this song to everyone, when I got laid off down at the factory.
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Low - Just Like Christmas (which has been covered more widely than I'd expected)
Superchunk - A Child's Christmas in Wales - (which is a John Cale number but I've been in a Superchunk mood)
and from the Mark Lanegan Christmas EP: Down in Yon Forest
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If you're in the mood for Christmas radio and have a distaste of the usual warhorses, Soma FM has all points covered:
Christmas Rocks!
Christmas Lounge
Christmas in Frisco (nsfw)
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You missed Dolly Parton's "Hard Candy Christmas"!
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I'm a skybo
That's a new kind of hobo for planes

- Haggard
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Christmas in Prison by John Prine, and as covered by the Mountain Goats
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ack. I see that it's already there. Well, there's the Mountain Goats version too.
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A recession! We would have killed to have a recession. We were woken up at 5 AM. Instead of breakfast, we got a beating from Spiro Agnew.
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My favorite: Christmas Eve Can Kill You by the Everly Brothers (1971).
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My contribution: All I Ever Get for Christmas is Blue, by Over the Rhine.
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Obligatory SMBC
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Steve Earle: Christmas in Washington.
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Harvey Danger - Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas
New from The Killers: Christmas in LA
No Fairytale of New York? C'mon Metafilter, I expected better.
Just for Now - Imogen Heap
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I guess it's a little late for the occasion this year, but some guy on NPR the other day described this one as his nuclear option for sad Christmas music, SouthPark's Dead, dead, dead.
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I wish there was a playlist generator that would grab all the youtube links on a page and start playing them in succession....
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Counting Crows - A Long December
The Mountain Goats - This Year
posted by Bron at 9:30 AM on December 27, 2013

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