Hyper Dimensional Resonator
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Hyper Dimensional Resonator Forget Apple's iWalk or whatever. Buy your own brand new time machine. By the way, did they ever disprove this?
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The last paragraph of this I also find interesting...
"Steven Gibbs: When they sent some scientists from the Montauk Project into Earth's future they hit a barrier in the year 2012. When they tried to go past the barrier from 2012 to 2013 they couldn't go through the barrier, they could only go around it. But after they went around it they found that all life on this planet had been wiped out...everything." Freaky.
posted by banished at 7:27 AM on January 3, 2002

Very attractive site.
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Well, duh. Where else are you going to resonate?
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banished: a lot of the weird sites on the web (which i sometimes enjoy reading) claim something is going to happen in 2012/2013, but not all say it is going to be life being wiped out. e.g. www.2013.com and http://fusionanomaly.net/2012.html. not that i am endorsing these wacky sites.
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I like very much that he uses terms such as MIB (men in black) and flux capacitor. Gives it that touch of credibility, don't you think?
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2013? whew, at least the rest of the starwars series, lord of the rings and the rest of the matrix movies will have been released. I wouldn't want to miss those.
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Strewth... 2012, eh? I'd better start using up my Airmiles.
Still, I suppose if we have time travel, we could all go back to when Earth was lush and unspoilt and relax in the tropical paradise.
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Until we brought a bulldozer thru and paved it, Rokkit.
posted by SpecialK at 10:41 AM on January 3, 2002

it's sites like this that make the web such an, um ... interesting place, don't you think? adds color.
(and $360.00 for a time machine sounds like a helluva deal, no?)
posted by ab3 at 10:48 AM on January 3, 2002

If he were really selling time-machines, you think he'd be a bit more circumspect about who he was selling them to, wouldn't you? I'm surprised he doesn't bundle it with free copies of Grey's Sports Almanac, just to make the deal complete.
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I'm going to use it to go back in time and convince my dad to marry a rich supermodel. then promptly dissapear
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terence mckenna has it at 12.12.12 :)
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Christ on a stick, kliuless! That interview had my brain folding in on itself! Arrgghh! I need to go lie down in a darkened room... and probably shoot myself.
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lotsa new agey types expect something big in 2012 - it's the end of the ancient mayan calendar, or something. The turn of the millenium wasn't as exciting as people hoped so they move on: 2012 - the new 2000.

Yeah, the flux capacitor mention kind of ruined any possibility of it even being some crazy guy's site, as opposed to just a teenage kid getting off.
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I'm late to this party, but I'm relieved that the time machine runs on 110 current. I'd hate to have to unplug my clothes dryer so the hyper-whatever-thing could have the only 220 plug in the house.
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