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griddlers.net (Java required) is a terrific site for puzzle players.

There are tens of thousands of different (user created) puzzles, for free, in several different varieties: griddlers, of course (also known as Nonograms), but also triddlers (griddlers with triangles instead of squares), word searches, sudoku, kakuro, and a bunch of others. Most of the site content is also accessible via free mobile apps.

For added entertainment value: be sure to check out the completely bonkers reviews of individual puzzles provided by user "Silencebound", who is both a very demanding consumer and a very idiosyncratic writer.
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Oh great, so I'm dumber than a kiddler.
posted by oceanjesse at 12:52 PM on December 26, 2013

I want you to know this is awesome, and the only reason I said nothing sooner, is because I'm trying to beat All The Puzzles.
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Java :-(
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If you can deal with Flash instead of Java: Picture Logic has a good back-catalog of black/white and color nonograms, and adds a few more every week. (Plus: RSS feed so new ones pop up in my Old Reader. Plus: often the pictures and hints are Japanese cultural references.)
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For this sort of puzzle, Java has a huge advantage, because you can use more than one mouse button. Trying to play the flash versions is hell on the wrists, especially when it comes to the larger puzzles (well, they're all hell on the wrists, but some more so than others).
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Welp I've been playing them basically since you posted this (because I have been sick sick sick and sitting in bed with very little energy), and occasionally shouting "Look I made a Caboose!" etc. So thanks; this is great.
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