Knitting Peace on Earth; Good Wool Towards Men
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Cirkus Cirkör, a contemporary Swedish circus company, brings you "Knitting Peace", an ensemble performance that combines acrobatics, dance, music, and yes, knitting, to explore the theme of working through complex and tangled realities to bring about peace.
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Or, as someone on my FB said "at least this one doesn't have vaginas in it."
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Technically it does, but no one's sticking yarn in them. That we know of.
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Too much yarn, not enough knitting.
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I've seen Cirkus Cirkör numerous times, they are an excellent show. There are youtube videos for many of their other performances. They collaborate with excellent Swedish artists for the music and their trailers are usually quite lovely. I will be seeing Knitting Peace in a few weeks I guess and have seen Wear it like a crown, Inside out and the one I missed unfortunately, Undermän about 3 male-halves of acrobatic duos who no longer have their partners.
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