Land of Sleep
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"But then I went to college, began a life elsewhere. And my feelings about home evolved. When I came back on holidays the changelessness that had once stifled me became a comfort, a solid thing I could steady myself against."

This was beautiful - thank you.
posted by jammy at 4:02 PM on December 28, 2013 [2 favorites]

I think I missed half the words. That camera work and editing were stellar. He's not just an author, is he.
EDIT: Oh, I checked his wikipedia page. No, he's not just an author.
posted by surplus at 5:33 PM on December 28, 2013

I just drove 1,200 miles home from a week with the in-laws who now live in Englewood. Been there a dozen times. It's pretty and quiet and clean.
posted by hal9k at 5:39 PM on December 28, 2013

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