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There are only a few posts since September 2013, but three of them are pretty cool: state-to-state migration in the United States in 2012; last two popes' word clouds and diff word clouds; real estate price movements in New York City.

He might still be working out a few kinks; I could not get the gun deaths graphic to work on my system. Also the migration clips at 10 000 so if you are interested in Vermont you are out of luck here as they fell off the chart.
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Huh, I wonder what's driving up residential prices up so severely in that part of Coney Island. I suspect Seagate is involved somehow, as otherwise it's mainly projects out there.
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I am indeed fascinated by new narrative instruments, and infographic is one of them.

Question for readers: what other presentation (w/ or w/out infographics) did you love?
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From the state-to-state migration comments: "Nobody leaves Vermont". Observation or threat?
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Oops. Looks like we Filtered it.
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griphus: the answer to all questions relating to real estate and Coney Island over the past few years, for better and worse, is Thor Equities.
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The stuff Thor is doing doesn't really explain residential real estate prices going up. At least not yet. Most of their development has been commercial and has been going up at a snail's pace and I haven't seen any residential development at all. The neighborhood is in roughly the same shape it has been since '08 (arguably in worse shape since Sandy, in fact.)
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I heretofore knew nothing about Joseph Sitt. Part of me loves him: he came up on his own, by working in underserved locations. Hard to begrudge him that, no matter how hard I try.
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