Problem Glyphs
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Problem Glyphs by illustrator Eliza Gauger.
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Looking forward to see what she comes up with next. Added to my RSS feed.
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She's good.
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I like these very much, the glyphs themselves as well as her commentary posts.
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It may be a Rorschach effect, but some of these evoke Lovecraft: Deep One, Tsathoggua, Shub-Niggurath, ...
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Anonymous asked: I feel ashamed of the years I lost to depression, like I'm desperately behind my peers in the game of life and I'll never catch up.



when we lie still
our bodies become the skin that hides
the earth from heaven; do not
condone this, do not relent. light
fires and make a rhythm with your
bootfalls to call down warlike
constellations to interrogate the cold,
narrow purpose of the stone

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Great. Creepy, but great.
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hey its my friend! she makes these in a program that automatically mirrors what youre drawing and doesnt let herself erase at all, if shes unhappy with how its coming out she restarts it entirely
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Eliza Gauger is fantastic and this project is a typically brilliant example.

She has also been curating the JerkCity HD collection.
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Very cool artist. Really enjoyed the sweatshop stuff she did (streaming her process with music and chat), anyone know if it'll make a come back? Reading this it seems like maybe? It's not dated though. She ought to update that to encourage folks like me to go in for the "Patron of the Farts Extreme" subscription.
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@whorl she tried doing one yesterday but she's having issues with streaming services
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