Live classical concerts via online radio
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World Concert Hall publishes a schedule, seven days out, of live classical concerts and operas scheduled for streaming broadcast on the web.
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Thank you!!!!
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This is really great. Thank you!
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My wife now has this bookmarked. Thanks!
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Do take note of the fact that all concert times are listed in GMT, so you may need to do the math for your local time zone. If a concert is happening at an inconvenient time, software like Snowtape and WireTap Studio (both of which allow for scheduled recordings) may be useful for time shifting.
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This is the first time I've ever thought ,"I wish this website had an Android app."
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If you use a tablet or phone for your online streaming, and you have a bluetooth music receiver like this or like this, you can listen over your home stereo and not have to use wires or a dock to connect.
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This is brilliant. Thanks.
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The reason we have a world wide web, an internet, and MetaFilter. To find stuff like this. To allow stuff like this. Thanks, Orinda.
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This is awesome. Thank you for the post.
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This is great - thanks!
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This is great.

Related is OperaCast, which provides link to all internet broadcasts of opera whether live or recorded. I apologize to your eyes, though.

Even though I now see it is listed on OperaCast I found out about the live broadcast of Mirandolina on WCH, so yay!
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