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Though never particularly scared to be cynical about "issue episodes" even though it was considered a child friendly family show on a Disney owned network, an episode of the animatronic ABC sitcom Dinosaurs from its fourth season asked viewers to question authority and faith in "The Greatest Story Ever Sold" (full episode yt) Even introducing an intentionally ridiculous, starch-based diety over a decade before the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Limited Edition Bonus Track: Answering the question with heresy on "Answer The Question" is ill advised.
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Was my misspelling of "deity" to "diety" intentional and thus a brilliant play on words given the subject matter? The world may never know.
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Nor would it be questioned as anything less then divine intervention if the aforementioned spelling error disappeared as though some magical administrators simply edited it.
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Frankly I would be disappointed to see the "starch-based diety" fixed. It put a lovely image in my mind of the Anti-Atkins diet, since I did not have the benefit of knowing the rest of the context!
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You say "ABC sitcom Dinosaurs" and my brain blurts out "NOT THE MAMA."
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It was a Henson Production. Even after Jim's passing, everything Hensonian is at least a little better than you expected. But between that episode, "What Sexual Harris Meant" and the series (and species) finale "Changing Nature", I was extremely impressed at this show's ability to sneak some big messages under the cultural radar without getting the same kind of screams from certain quarters that the Simpsons got... and still, apparently do.
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