What would be the gravitational properties of Asteroid B-612?
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What would be the density of Asteroid B-612? (That's the home of the Little Prince. [full text]) Randall Munroe describes life there.

BTW, Mars' moon Phobos is only seven miles in diameter and not especially dense, giving it miniscule gravity. I have always regarded this as a significant flaw in the game Doom.
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For programmers, here's a Gamasutra article on the gravity in Super Mario Galaxy.
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Well, I just figured out the reason for the name of the B612 Foundation, which is raising money to build and fly an Earth-crossing asteroid detection satellite.
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Favorited for the final image of Le Petit Prince not fakin' the funk on a nasty dunk.
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He should be careful, jamming too hard on that hoop could cause its flex to propel him into deep space.
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