Birds of the West Indies
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Birds of the West Indies. Artist Taryn Simon (previously, previously, previously) has a work of photographs of James Bond's gadgets, guns, cars, and women. The work is currently showing at this year's Carnegie International, and has an accompanying book. Info at the main link, and a more thorough gallery here.
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Crap -- the gallery is here. Sorry.
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I saw this work at the Carnegie International and really enjoyed it. I found it particularly interesting how the photos are labeled with the year their subjects appeared in a Bond film but not the title of the film itself. It makes for a fun guessing game, trying to match the girl or gadget with the correct film, but it also comments on the utter formulaicity of the Bond franchise. Even as someone who considers himself a fan, I sometimes confuse plots and characters between films.

And of course, the indiscriminate way both actresses and props are cataloged highlights (as if it needed much highlighting) the rampant sexism and objectification of women in the franchise, as does the title of the piece. I mean, Birds of the West Indies? Terribly clever.
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James Bond (Sir Sean Connery), 1962 (Dr. No), 1963 (From Russia With Love), 1964 (Goldfinger), 1965 (Thunderball), 1967 (You Only Live Twice), 1971 (Diamonds Are Forever), 1983 (Never Say Never Again). Portrait by Chris Gloag.
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All that negative space at the top of the images of the women is really interesting to me. It makes them look so small, and then to see that the prints seem quite small in turn! I'm not sure what the intent is -- especially not seeing them in person -- but it is a very palpable effect.
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