Certainly is nice to see yah
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Not just Brooklyn, but way the hell out in Brooklyn. Although I'm not sure what sort of reputation Midwood had back in '68. This is around where I grew up and I still live/work near (taking a cab home I see Ave. M frequently) so this is really awesome to see and to see it being brought to attention. There's a serious tendency for people to forget there's more Brooklyn under the park.
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That was filmed in the vicinity of NBC's TV Studio in Midwood, which now seems to be defunct.
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That was great; I just sent it to a friend who was a kid in Brooklyn back then.
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There was some talk of ABC soaps moving there in 2011, but they went to CT instead.
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I can't figure out just how many climate change events have occurred since Don Rickles was that young.
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Oh, man, Midwood, my old neighborhood. My main claim to fame for a long time (still?) was that I lived in the same apartment building at Ave. K and Ocean Ave. that Midwood High graduate Woody Allen lived in (supposedly, his aunt still live in the building by the time we arrived in the mid-70s).

Rickles could have done even better by staying on the subway another stop and getting off at Kings Highway and doing his shtik inside Dubrow's - the classic Jewish Brooklyn eatery with a seltzer fountain in the back.

Then, as now, the neighborhood was heavily Jewish and middle class. Except no Hasidim. And, yeah, it's pretty distant from "the City" (at least back then, the signs in the subway one way pointed to "Coney Island" and the other way to "New York").
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Don Rickles was never young; he was born a late middle aged man and has stayed that way all his life. Also, he was born and raised in Queens (Jackson Heights), NOT Brooklyn.
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Hey, Rickles bats lefty!
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That was excellent, even if it wasn't really all that funny!

Does anyone know anything about video preservation? I'm curious about the distortion (most prominent at the frame edges when the camera pans), and am wondering if the echo on the soundtrack is a function of restoration, or if that was in the original.

If I were that kid on the street, I'd've run to a trophy store to have that half-eaten-by-Don-Rickles hot dog bronzed.
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"Obsolete Media Recovery"
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