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Freiheit the first, student, film of one George Lucas (staring Randal Kleiser, who later went on to direct Grease) (slyt)
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Actually, it was made as his film in 310, which is the second semester film production class at USC. 290 was the first semester class, so he would have already made several films before this, just based on the curriculum.
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Success really ruined George Lucas.
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The East Germans shot first!
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I wonder what other film he lifted the story from.
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Dearest MeFi, we get it already... Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones stunk. Yeah, so did Howard the Duck. Still, no need to shit all over this post.

Back on topic, it's a blast to watch Lucas' student films and see how he continued to develop the same ideas and fascinations in later work. The best example is probably The Emperor and how it connects with American Graffiti.

In Herbie, which he did before Freiheit (but in 405), you can see his fascination with lights, reflection, cars, car culture, etc.

Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town shows some of his early love of landscapes and slapstick comedy, both of which translated pretty heavily into later stuff.

Electronic Labyrinth THX 1138 43B has that same "escape" theme, which he kind of dropped. But the connection between this short and Star Wars is fascinating. It's probably my favorite short he did.
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George Lucas is responsible for several great movies that made me happy and enriched my childhood. My gratitude for that is incentive enough to charitably overlook some things that are best forgotten.
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Lucas made the Prequels; Tolkien didn't have enough strong females; neither was particularly good with nuances in the "good-vs-evil" spectrum. But I have to remind myself I love certain things they made and that there's nothing wrong with me simply enjoying myself.
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In the Special Edition, the seagull shoots first.
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It's weird how serious and sincere this is. THX-1138 is pretty grim too. They both come off as sort of pretentious, I'm glad Lucas found his way to making fun escapist films.
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It's perfect. :)
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