Daft Punk is virtually playing at my house.
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BE-AT.TV features live DJ performances from around the planet. It also has a huge archive of shows. It's currently featuring live performances from the BPM festival in Mexico.
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Well, someone's about to get lucky.
Lots of someones. If they like Daft Punk and DJs.
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Huge archive!
There's 1,420 sets (performances?) from people I've (mostly) never heard of.
But, damn, impressive.
It's an EDM eldorado.
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There's 1,420 sets (performances?) from people I've (mostly) never heard of.

Here's all the really big name djs.
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> Here's all the really big name djs.

1. I'm on my iPad! I'll check it out!
2. [empty grey screen with "📱 Coming Soon" in the middle]
3. 😞
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Maybe it would be quicker for you to list who you have heard of, wheelieman. Notwithstanding, the Headliners list is a strangely truncated selection of that overwhelming number of artists.

It is difficult to know where to start with 1,420 sets, where do people get the time? I mean Paris DJs have over 400 mixes with descriptions and often tracklists but you still have to listen to the mixes if you want to find out what the music is like. I suppose in their case the aim of the game is to provide a platform for unusual and exotic sounds, so I am less likely to have previously heard Post Punk Obscurarities or Quantic playing Cumbia 78s, but still.

I suppose I have my work cut out for me, once I have listened to four hours of Jon Oliver's painstakingly curated best of 2013 to get up to date.
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I thought Paris DJ finished their Mix biz? Now I have to resubscribe to their RSS feed.

While we are throwing mixes around, there is also the Boiler Room, which also features audio (soundcloud) and video (youtube) from the sets.
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Where's Skrillex and Deadmaus?

Just kidding. This is actually a pretty decent find. I'm sure I'll give some sets a listen.
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I think I can manage the search with the best of them, but I find no evidence of Daft Punk nor its two members anywhere on this site.
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pashdown, the post title is an unfortunately unfulfilled LCD Soundsystem reference.
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Is all the furniture in the garage?
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Most countries have a few events, The Netherlands: 113.

Seems about right.
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I'd love to see an article on ageism in DJing that explores using 20 year old pictures to promote people who are still alive.
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This is an excellent post.

Really, it looks like the way to use this site best, if you aren't familiar with a lot of the DJs, is to use one of the channels to listen to the style of music you like and let the unfamiliar names become familiar.

The live sets from various festivals around the world, broadcast live, THAT is most excellent.

Thanks so much for posting. If you will forgive me, I suddenly have much dancing around my living room to do!
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