I could have had a stable of white elephants
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Looking for a gift under $20? $15? $10? Maybe you just want to know where all the shit you can afford on Amazon or ThinkGeek is hiding. We've all been there: a birthday or wedding coming up and no clue what gift to buy. Maybe your family disowned you after the last Secret Santa (and you were so sure that Heifer International donation was the way to go!), but 2014 is your year to shine.
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I'd suggest suspending this link for a day. It's been pretty badly slammed by Reddit and we're not doing the owner any favorites by linking to it on another high-traffic site on the same day.
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completely unrelated but I could not for the life of me figure out what to get my parents as a holiday gift, and they had no helpful suggestions. so I'm going to make a donation to Heifer International in their name. thanks for the inspiration!
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Heifer International IS the way to go! Or donations to other charities in the name of the gift recipient. Well, for me, anyway. I happily annoy all my relatives, in-law, and friends with the whole "Just donate to Hospice or NPR or Doctors Without Borders for me" thing.

But if you absolutely must get me a physical gift for me to use and consume, you can't go wrong with top-shelf liquor.
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There was an FPP with one of those "Best gifts for X" lists a few weeks before Christmas that was on a site with "Best gifts under $25" which happened to contain the most brilliant idea for my best friend. I've never seen something on one of those lists that I'd actually give someone (which I guess is the point of a white elephant? I don't really know what one is), but I risked it and she thought it was awesome. I've not admitted how I found it, though. (But given that any present at all is an improvement for me, something not straight off her amazon wishlist is like lightning striking.)
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Wantist, Fancy, Svpply, Indulgy, Lyst, Thegreenhead, there are a few of these. I like Svpply the best.
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onalark, there are seven links in the OP. Which one are you talking about?
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We actually like Heifer International, too, which is why I included it, despite the jokey nature of the link. One of the better charitable organizations, in my experience.
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I typically make a donation in people's names to the Human Fund when it comes to things like this. The Human Fund: Money for people.
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I have discovered that there is an incredible amount of stuff that I would never even consider buying. Seriously people what
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Six bucks for Live Ladybugs - Hirt's Gardens - Approximately 1550 -Plus Hirt's Nature NectarTM.. How can I afford NOT to buy them! That's like three ladybugs for a penny!
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I like Hirts, but it is cold in winter. Buy ladibugs for spring and fall gifts!

Here's the link to the AskMe thread.

This year we came home with an outlet-store-sourced name brand keychain wallet and a gift card from a sorta snazzy grocery store that sells mostly stuff you'd need to grab for entertaining.
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I typed in $100 and ZOMG I GOT THIS
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