Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority
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Amusingly, no House Democrats have thus far been willing to co-sponsor the Obama Administration's USTR's request for Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Both TPP itself and fast track authority are opposed labor and environmental groups such at the AFL-CIO, Public Citizen, and CTC, as well as internet activists. (previously)

See also Global Trade Watch's twitter and techdirt's trade promotion authority tag.
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Hey, the media is quoting Wikileaks as a source of information again.
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Amusing to whom?
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I'm please this came out when everyone is remembering Aaron Swartz because he played a significant role in killing SOPA which then raised awareness of trade deals on the internet like ACTA.
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opposed by labor and environmental groups?
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Do you have any sources that have arguments based on citations rather than just saying "nuh-unh, no it doesn't". I'm sure they are out there, really, I do, but articles that make statements like "Insulting to anyone with at least half a brain." in their text are just sort of flame baitey rather than teaching.
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