We had some good years
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Over his long career, the renowned photojournalist Art Shay, 91, has taken thousands of photographs of kings, presidents, Hollywood celebs, and sports stars—chronicling people’s lives and news stories all over the world for such magazines as Time, Life, and Chicago. But his favorite subject of all was his wife of 67 years, Florence. Sometimes Florence would be the focal point of his photos—front and center, smiling, dancing, or reading. Life Through a Leica
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How beautiful. Both Florence and Shay's devotion to her.
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That's wonderful and heartbreaking.
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That first photograph is fantastic. Great post.
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That was great. I really love books, Chicago, progressive politics, and being a mom. Seeing a life well lived among all of that, and filled with whimsy and love, gives me a sense of meaning and perspective that makes the challenges of the moment seem so worth it.

These pictures even seem to make the tragedy of losing their son seem worthwhile, in the context of the joy of having had him while they did.

What an awesome lady, what an awesome family, what a good job she seems to have done making the most of her time on earth. I only wish there were more pictures.
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I loved this story and his comments about how awesome it is to have a wide-angle lens at his disposal! Thank you.
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Got to meet him a few days ago at Ann Nathan Gallery. Great guy. If you're in Chicago stop by and see the show.
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“On a balcony in Hawaii in 1970, Florence makes an determined effort to play the ukulele. She said, ‘After learning to spell ukulele, the rest is easy.’”

It's easy to see why he loved her so much.
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