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On January 25th, San Francisco will host its first ever Mr. Transman competition, following the success of the third annual NYC Mr. Transman event.
Contestants include James Darling, founder of this very NSFW site for transmasculine porn; Lynne Breedlove, founder of the punk band Tribe 8; Mason J, gender diversity speaker and activist; and Loren, the photographer behind the book Body Alchemy
Judges include author Michelle Tea, who has been writing a series on getting pregnant as a queer over forty; Brontez Purnell of the punk band The Younger Lovers (video); singer/songwriter Shawna Virago; and genderqueer porn performer and model Jiz Lee (NSFW).

If you need to brush up on Trans 101 before participating in this thread, this covers the basics.
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Murray Hill is hosting!
posted by Sara C. at 10:52 AM on January 14, 2014 [4 favorites]

I want to go but I am afraid of being crushed to death, what with the Elbo Room not being large enough to contain the multitudes. Multidudes? Either.

And I have to give a YOU GO to Lynne, who tells the hella awesomest stories when driving us places. Best car service experience ever.
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I thought this was a bodybuilding event which sorta surprised me, but no: "Platform, swimsuit, interview, talent and evening wear" in NYC. Will SF be the same? I mean, really, their categories should be more like "wearing skinny jeans, pulling espresso shots, hats, scarves and Mission trivia."

I mean, does anyone in SF wear a swimsuit or evening wear? I would hate to see the locals get thrown off their A-game.
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Evening wear yes, swimsuit no, unless it is actually genuinely warm and so what else are you going to wear at Dolores Park?
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Ah, good point. San Francisco, where a bathing suit might be worn anywhere, except at the beach.
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OK I started from a place of "that sounds like a neat event!" and am now more like "I NEED TO GO SEE EVERYONE'S TALENTS (and also swimwear)". I don't think I can make the trip up to SF that weekend. Sads. All of them, I have.
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Some people probably wear swimsuits as evening wear.

Sadly, I will be at a library event that night on a different coast.
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That sounds like a really excellent event, and I'm sorry I'm too far away to attend.
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And Body Alchemy is such a great and powerful book. I'm really sad to see that it's out of print.
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i LOVE jiz lee! metafilter might remember them for their writings on fisting day.
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Murray Hill is great! And hey, I'm actually going to be in town that day...
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I love how pageantry has been embraced and reimagined by the queer and allied communities. Those of you who, like me, won't have time to get to Mr. Transman: mark your calendars for the Faux Queen Pageant in September! Women dressing up like drag queens... it just feels right.
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Since you're going to be in town, r_n, should we do an additional meetup for this?
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It sounds like the location is one of those no-seating, elbow-to-elbow places? It sounds great but both my host and I have reeeeaally limited patience for packed crowds.
posted by restless_nomad at 4:48 PM on January 18, 2014

The restrooms here at the Elbo Room are divided "Sit" and "Stand". Also, the DJ hella 80s tonight
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