Model View Culture
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Model View Culture is a new online publication that concerns itself with technology, culture and diversity.

In the words of the founders, MVC
"aims to provide a platform for social and cultural critique within tech, build critical thinking and consciousness in the community, and highlight diverse writers, technologists, authors, artists and intellectuals — people working either outside of the mainstream tech establishment, or working within it to make it better."
The name "Model View Culture" is a play on Model View Controller, a hugely popular set of general architectural guidelines for writing software that has a UI.
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Start your own media definitely seems like it would be more effective for social justice than Tumblring & Twittering, if only because the practical effect of SJ posts on such services is mostly just to make the White/Asian Tech-Man's bank account grow larger.
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Wow, fantastic design.

Seriously easy to read, and none of that horrible web 3.0 "Let's have art scroll opposite and over the text, so you can't read the words."
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