Channeling Their Inner Nomads
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Begun at the edge of summer last year, Wanderrlust is the ongoing photography and travel blog of H.J. and Courtney Derr as they travel across the expanse of Southeast Asia. It began in Vietnam with the purchase of two cheap motorcycles and an eye to explore the country. So far they have experienced Ho Chi Minh City, drifted into the Mekong Delta, and to the City of a Thousand Pines. Don't miss the "warts and all" entry to discuss the things that haven't been so fun on their journey so far.
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I really dislike this sort of travel writing. I'm not sure why. I think part of it is the weird contempt: kids selling slides down the dunes! So gauche! Toilets that are dirty! Oh my!

The paranoia about food is also a little strange. If you travel your digestion has to adjust. I have even had this happen in the US. Sticking to bland food is kind of weird.
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I guess its good they got out to do some travel before the encroaching grumpiness removed all the joy.
We took our four kids around Vietnam for three weeks last year, and its a great place. It is a foreign land, though, and not especially set up for tourism, so I think you need to set your frame of reference right.`
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