Gods of the Godless
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An interview with world-renowned Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi on Lovecraft, atheism, weird tales, and cosmicism.
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If, like me, you can't take the Fraktur, here's something a little more civilized through webfonter.
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Very insightful interview!
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Here's another good audio interview with him from the C Realm podcast. Weird Tales and Paltry Paychecks
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Although HPL had only disinterest and contempt for Christianity (and little enthusiasm for Jews), he tried in his youth to convert to Islam but was prohibited by his family.
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I just read "The Colour Out of Space," and to be honest it is one of the most alien things I've ever read about in fiction. It also hit me that the humans in the story really don't do anything, and it's the alien that is the classic "protagonist." I think it really comes the closest to the science fiction conceits that Joshi is delving into, and the fact that it was Lovecraft's favorite story is telling.
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