Oh cool, a cop on horseback
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Here's a tour of the East Village in 1993, courtesy of local Iggy Pop. via
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That was fun, thanks for posting it. It's great to watch 1993 NYC go by in the background; I kept expecting to see one of my worthless friends. (Also, I can't believe that was over twenty years ago...) Gotta love Iggy, too. Great stuff. (By the way, the quote is actually "Oh cool, a horseback cop.")
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Excellent, cheers. The bit where's he's talking about filming Coffee and Cigarettes with Tom Waits is brilliant.
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It's amazing how any time you see footage of Iggy, he just seems like such an upbeat, good-natured guy.

Also, props to the riot grrrl jaywalking disdainfully in front of the police van.
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Jesus Christ... "Wild America" was 21 years ago? Unreal.

It was a good time, for me, the early to mid nineties. 1993... good job, plenty of money, happily married, 33 going on 34, in rude health... I had another four years before it all went tits up. Jesus, time. What are you like?
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But I was there! On that street! That year! So how on earth can it all look so dated and old and like it's from another generation?

Also inexplicable: how someone who lives off sandwiches, cake, and strong coffee can be so trim and have such good posture.
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