They tried to silence me 34 years ago, but I'm louder than ever.
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"My last meal was a half a bowl of ice cream. I put it in the freezer so I could go get my sis. That bowl stayed in our freezer three years." Sister of teen murdered in 1980 tweets at @billcomeans. Story here.
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Fascinating. I wonder how the rest of the family feels about this.

Also, don't miss this tweet. That poor girl.
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That's kind of spooky.
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The utter fucking tragedy. It never fades. My roommate after college, her older sister was murdered at 17 and the person was never caught.
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The Daily Dot story here talks about threatening notes being left on Bill's locker at school, and sent to other families. If any of those notes could be posted to Twitter, perhaps someone might recognise the handwriting?
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I don't understand how this kid had threatening notes and 2 other attempts and the cops not look into this. The 80s (and previously) truly sucked for helping families out with crimes.
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I hope they find the killer, but starting a Twitter feed written in the voice of a murdered family member describing their imagined emotions as a ghost is really goddamned disturbing and unhealthy.
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really goddamned disturbing and unhealthy.

I think that's her point. To show the killer how it affected her life and to instill enough guilt that something good comes out of it. I honestly don't blame her.
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Such a strange case. Speaking as someone who's watched about every Cold Case File there is, it doesn't seem to fit any of the usual patterns. I do hope they eventually solve this one. Poor kid.
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