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Scratchy Grooves For almost twenty years, starting in 1984, Bill Chambless on WVUD-FM at the University of Delaware, explored the pop music of 1900 to 1940 on vintage recordings, "scratches and all." Stream the shows at this website, migrated from the original cassette tapes and maintained by his son.
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There was a similar program on Maine Public Radio than ran for nearly 30 years, ending in 2012. It originally featured music from the 1940s to pre-rock&roll 1950s, but over time grew to include music from the entire first half of the 20th century. MPBN still offers archives of the programs.
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Good find! Thanky, Miko!
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Cool, thanks!
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If you dig this, also check out the ongoing Antique Phonograph Music Program on WFMU. Music from the acoustic era of recording, actually played on antique phonographs with the studio mics stuck down in their bells, for extra scratchy goodness with the ghosts of the ugly sound.
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Slightly narrower in focus, WAMU has Hot Jazz Saturday Night and offers the previous week's program for streaming.
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Huh? WVUD is in Delaware now, but up until 1992, those call letters signified a Dayton radio station.
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Holy smokes!
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Aw yisss, this is great.
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Oh wonderful! Thank you.
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