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Notorious Baldies (by Brazilian artist Mr. Peruca)
"A series of illustrations depicting the distinct bald heads of some of pop culture's most notorious icons."
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I wish these were labeled. Mostly so I could know if my guess of which is Patrick Stewart's head is correct.
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Why are we so often evil? I just want to loooooove, man.
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He casts a pretty wide net over "notorious". Yoda? Charlie Brown? For that matter, both of those (and several others) kind of gloss over the "bald" requirement, as in not having hair, so obviously a degree of artistic license was used in the selection process.
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1. None of these appear to be Ed Cassidy.

2. Mikhail Gorbachev is a "pop culture icon"?
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He casts a pretty wide net over "notorious".

/Notorious/, like /famous/, has been bled white of meaning. It's now just another word for "strangers know who you are".

Plus, the FPP says the artist is Brazilian.
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Meh, I'll take it. "Notorious" is hella better than "boring and meek", which is what the bald stereotype used to signify.

What lair? What are you talking about? That's nonsense; it's an ordinary basement door. Of solid metal. Hidden by a fireplace. On a swivel mount.
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Figured out Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid... definitely a good guy...

Was glasses-on-head-baldy Walter White?

I see a distinct shortage of characters portrayed by Patrick Stewart.

And I remember when Michael Jordan personally took the black shaved pate from "scary" to "awesome".

Of course, I would also include Elmer Fudd, Fred Mertz, Mel from the Dick Van Dyke Show, Casper the Friendly Ghost (growing up with a prematurely bald dad made me aware of every pop culture baldy of the 60s... while I wished he'd let me grow my hair out...)
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