Alaa Abd El-Fattah, et al. via the EFF
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Alaa Abd El-Fattah (wp, is among the many Egyptian activists, organizers, and bloggers being held under the military government's law against protests. The EFF's Bloggers Under Fire section highlights bloggers detained for their online speech and provides advice for bloggers at risk.
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This is horrible. It's so god damned frustrating that western "democracies" keep supporting such ruthless behavior with more weapons, ammunition, and vehicles.
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It is indeed horrible, and it reinforce's Al Qaeda's claim that only they, and not popular protest, can effectively combat authoritarian regimes. Thanks for the post.
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Islamists' grievance with Egypt's government is that it isn't totalitarian in the right ways and to a sufficient degree. Nobody supports Al-Qaeda because of their liberalism.
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my favourite egypt blogs egyptianchronicles which is updated daily, i love Zeinobia so much, her twitter feed @zeinobia is good too, lots are, i have a list for breaking news aiammaia/egypt-jan25 but it's not that amazing, and also Wael Eskandar at 4amterrors who wrote that note against the military that went viral but doesn't blog regularly and writes other places, which you can find in his twitter feed @weskandar. Repent11 is currently in gaol, SharifKoudous Jack Shenker Sonia Ordóñez sherief gaber and lots of others - you'll soon find them in their feeds - are good too. And not forgetting the sarcasm and street photography of Sarah Carr. NB i don't want to relate my twitter life to my meta life:(
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