Real vs. Unreal, Grotesque vs. Gorgeous
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or the inner Grotesque and Gorgeous, and outer fantastic world of The End of Times: The Apocalyptic Book revealed, as it was imagined "couple" years ago. To be seen with your morning coffee.
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Can I enjoy this with the delightful clink of ice, while I sip my evening scotch?

To be seen with your morning coffee.

Darn it.

Seriously, I do love the Tiber Monster. The art looks like 1E D&D's Otis!
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It took years, but someone finally did an illustrated academic research study of goatse.

I sincerely hope they found what they were looking for.
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TIL Hyperallergic. Thank you.
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"only rediscovered a few years ago" ... "visuals feel oddly recent"

So, definitely not a forgery?
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The first link, not so much, especially with morning coffee. But dang if the comet and the golden balls in the second link aren't just nifty.
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Really, it would be easier if Taschen just sent me every book they put out and I’ll send back the ones I don’t want.
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Cool stuff. Going to have to skim through the Wellcome Images archive!
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