Enhance 57 to 19. Track 45 left. Stop. What the....?
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Gigapixel ArtZoom is a multi-billion-pixel panoramic image celebrating the arts in Seattle, featuring artists and performers in the context of their city. Pan and zoom the image to find each artist/group (and enjoy the sights and scenery along the way); when an artist is in your sights, a pop-up ID tag will link to an artist profile page featuring a bio and video showcase.
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I found my house!
posted by bizwank at 11:59 AM on January 26, 2014

I didnt know your house was a prominent artist, congrads bizwank!
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Dang I was hoping to find RayPaul; I ended up with one of his paintings and it is in need of some repair. It has been so long since I last met up with him at the 'Xit' that I can't even remember if Raypaul is his first name or both his names. I will continue my search.
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I am zooming around but found only one artist group (PDL, who are mock-protesting the Gigapixel "surveillance" on a highway offramp that's under construction in the opening view.

It would be useful if these Gigapixel things had some kind of coordinates system to mark and locate stuff or to point other people to things you see.
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Pretty limited scope in regards to the number of 'artists' in this image. Which is weird because the Creative Consultant, John Boylan, knows everybody. Is loved by everybody. Interfaces with everybody. WHERE ARE ALL THE ARTISTS?
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Hmm just what I was wondering. Well I know my brother uses Macs for his art group.
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Pretty limited scope in regards to the number of 'artists' in this image.

There's 48 listed on the Artists tab. I thought that seemed like a lot.
Or is 'artists' meant to be sarcastic?

I found them all over, but concentrated in parks, courtyards, and other public spaces. There's four more in the grassy areas in front of the Space Needle, down the street from PDL; and nine in and around the park on the other side of the panorama, next to the water, near the rightmost pier.
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Yeah, there was a certain terminality in my use of the term 'artists,' but honestly, in this city, 48 is an absurdly low number. I know Boylan and that guy can pack an airplane hangar with artists. So, where are they?
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