"Senator, if you want your daughter back, we'll need a CAR JUMPER!"
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When someone needs to jump from one car to another, there's only one man to call: CAR JUMPER, from the creators of the Channel101 hit soap opera Ikea Heights. You'll thrill to its premiere where CAR JUMPER saves a US Senator's kidnapped daughter! You'll gasp at the technical brilliance of Episode 7 ("Road Warriors")! And you'll swoon at its latest daringly original experiment into branded entertained, generously sponsored by Uber!
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From the Channel 101 About page:

After creating Heat Vision and Jack for the FOX network, Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab are banished from legitimate television.

Rob Schrab makes a series of home movies about eating poop and having sex with babies. Dan Harmon, not to be outdone, makes a movie about Chris Tallman coming back from the dead and raping him in the ass.

I think I'll pass.
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Yup, I forgot that we shouldn't watch anything from 'channels' that have ever published anything objectionable, or read books from publishers that have... &c. &c. Perhaps if you read further down the About page you'd see how the shows get made?
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I have to say I liked the little girl's "Oh no." as she was abducted. That was some method acting.
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IndigoJones, I'm pretty sure that's all written in (terrible) jest. Dan Harmon was the executive producer for Community, and returned to the show in the 5th season. Rob Schrab has less popular fame, but Scud: The Disposable Assassin was a well-regarded indie comic in its time.
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Channel 101 previously on MetaFilter: the utterly juvenile, yet oddly entertaining, Dr. Miracles.
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Since neither Scharb nor Harmon has anything to do with Car Jumper, that's an odd decision, IndigoJones.
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I fucking loved Ikea Heights, so I'm looking forward to watching these. I sampled the most recent one and it seems like a slicker version with the same type of humor. Thanks for posting it.

*smashes fishbowl*
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Oh man, remember House of Cosbys? There are some real classics in the channel 101 back catalog. Sockbaby, anyone? Channel 101 does lean a bit towards the juvenile side, with arguably a bit too much emphasis on the scatological (esp. if Harmon was involved, e.g. Laser Fart), but sometimes everything comes together in just right way to completely transcend humor and become something else entirely. I think my favorite little channel 101 gem is the one with two documentary crews making documentaries about each other, episode two of which ends in one of my all-time favorite non sequiturs of any medium.

Don't forget channel 102 (now called 101 NY?) which brought us such classics as the Fun Squad, and Shutterbugs (which is what introduced me to both Aziz Ansari and Rob Huebel).
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This looks great with the XKCD news plugin:

"Elf-Lord, if you want your daughter back, we'll need a CAT JUMPER!"
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Ever notice they always go for the kids? How about go for the Senators?

Oh yea, the return note would be "meeehhh you can keep him/her".
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