And one man in his time plays many parts
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Ian McKellen: Acting Shakespeare (SLVimeo) a one-man show of Shakespearean monologues from 1982
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He's also given excellent acting advice.
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Ghostride The Whip - a cheeky nod to Lawrence Olivier's notorious and oft-quoted dislike of method acting.

It's still a not so subtle snobbery towards (normally young, male American) method actors for classically trained British actors to play down the skill required to act and wave it off as all just pretending.
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Not to be confused with Playing Shakespeare also from ’82. Essentially a master class lead by John Barton with, in addition to McKellan, David Suchet, Ben Kingsley, Patrick Stewart, Judi Dench….
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Ha! I saw this on Broadway. It doesn't quite make up for my face-palm failure to take in Liz and Dick in Private Lives, but it helps. (Ticket prices, I expect.)
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I dug Sir Ian as a fire and brimstone preacher in Cold Comfort Farm,
In which he does a fine West of England brogue. I'm always gratified when an English actor can speak English.
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Abinadab, what you should try to find is the 1968 version with Alastair Sim playing the part of Amos Starkadder. (Added bonus: a young Brian Blessed playing Reuben Starkadder.) Even with Sir Ian, who can do no wrong, the 1995 rendition is thin gruel in comparison; Ms Beckinsale was simply miscast.
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