The World's 13-th Best Donkey Kong Player has Something to Prove
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Shaun Boyd enters the Kong Off. Check out the 16min video embedded in the article.
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Stuff like this makes me wonder if there's a Donkey Kong version of the Pac-Man Dossier yet. Nice post.
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Hey, there's a documentary called The King of Kong. It's on YouTube, I think? Chasing Ghosts is similar and features some of the same people.
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"Hey, there's a documentary called The King of Kong."

Yeah, it's mentioned multiple times in the article and, I think, in the video (although I only watched portions of the video).

It's a great documentary and I find it very interesting in how its existence and acclaim has ended up creating a Donkey Kong subculture that didn't (so much) previously exist, with the Kong Off and such.

I'm also happy to learn that Billy Mitchell hasn't changed.
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Oh man, I went looking for the current world records, and looks like Twin Galaxies (the ones who keep the records and run the competition) fell apart shortly after Kong Off 3.
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oh nooooo
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I've been in the bar mentioned in the article. I'm surprised they managed to cram in enough people and machines for a tournament.
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There's a Donkey Kong kill screen coming up, if anyone wants to watch.
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Good video. Boyd definitely seems more like a guy I would want to hang out with than most of the other top players who appeared in King of Kong.
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From Wikipedia: "Wiebe was the first person to achieve over a million points in a public game, with a score of 1,006,600 on July 4, 2004."

1 Million+ Scores
2011 Kong Off: 0
2012 Kong Off 2: 3
2013 Kong Off 3: 9

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