The not so permanent art of Andres Amador
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Andres Amador takes his rake to the beach. Amador: "When you know something is not going to last, you stop and pay attention to it, you appreciate it. Why do I do it? The unanswerable question! Its fun. I get to be at the beach." Videos.
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For those of you in the US midwest (well, actually most of the country now) that didn't know what the brown stuff on the ground was, there's this.
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If I could spend the rest of my life doing nothing but creating beautiful things on beautiful beaches, damn it, I would in a heartbeat.

These are wonderful. Thank you for making it even harder to keep my mind on my job.
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Lovely! And I love that line, "It's fun. I get to be at the beach."
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I love these. It looks like a truly lovely way to spend a day: sand, water, sun, art, and meditation.

There's something special about art that doesn't last, which I discovered by accident when I got interested in nail art. You are still intent on creating something beautiful or powerful, but there's much less pressure to make a perfect thing or a lasting statement. That frees you up to just enjoy the process, and to go to that magical place where you aren't thinking about anything except what your hands are doing. Sometimes when people see my more detailed stuff, I get asked in a slightly judgmental tone, "How long did that take you?!" I always want to reply that, yeah, it does take several hours, and it's usually gone in a few days, but it's the actual doing of it that I love the most.
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You should all go look at the nail art that bookish does... neat stuff...
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Aw, thanks HuronBob!
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Here in California Jim Denevan has been at this kind of thing for a while as well.
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